Golden, CO
VA – Golden
56,753 Square Feet
Built in 1996/2011
Department of Veterans Affairs

Acquired in May 2018, the 56,753-square foot Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Facility in Golden, Colorado is leased to the VA for an initial 15-year lease, which expires in September 2026. VA – Golden houses holistic supply chain management for the VA National Hearing Aid and Telehealth Programs and supports VA and Government agencies with professional acquisition and logistical services. VA – Golden manages the distribution of critical commodities such as hearing aids, hearing aid accessories, cochlear implants, assistive devices, batteries, prosthetic socks, orthotic soft goods, aids for the visually impaired, and telehealth messaging hubs and peripherals. VA – Golden also houses the VA’s only hearing aid repair program by providing eligibility verification, problem diagnosis, hearing aid programming retrieval, cleaning, repairs, vendor management, and quality control.

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