Newport News, VA
JUD – Newport News
35,005 Square Feet
Built in 2008
The Judiciary of the U.S.

JUD – Newport News is a 35,005 leased square foot United States District Courthouse located in Newport News, Virginia. The courthouse is leased for a 10-year firm term that does not expire until 2033. Constructed in 2008, this highly specialized facility features build-to-suit, LEED Certified construction based on the specific requirements of the U.S. Courts and U.S. Marshals Service. The courthouse meets the strict federal building and security standards, including isolated prisoner movement, a 50-foot perimeter security setback, progressive collapse construction and blast resistant exteriors. JUD – Newport News houses four District Judges, three Senior District Judges and three Magistrate Judges and is responsible for the cities of Newport News, Hamptons, and Williamsburg, and the countries of York, James City and Matthews.